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House buying as easy as 1,2,3

Buying a home used to be confusing. Scanning web sites, trying to remember what homes you toured, and what you liked or did not like about each one.
But those days are gone!
With Marcie and Rob Reichstein Realtors we offer our unique process and tools to keep everything organized and simplify your home search.
Step 1 – We set up online searches for you to chose what homes you want to view.
Step 2 – Open our free app Step 2 Remember where you will see all the homes you have selected in the previous step. During showings of each home, you takes notes, name the home for reference, and keep your thoughts organized so you can effectively…
Step 3 – Make an offer on the home you want.
STEP 2 REMEMBER helps you organize your thoughts about each house in one handy location. It helps you compare prices and features side-by-side and can ultimately help you determine what price you want to offer.

STEP 2 REMEMBER is free but only available when you work with:

Marcie and Rob Reichstein Realtors

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